St. Paul once stood in the midst of a place called Areopagus. This was where he delivered one of his boldest and dramatic preaching intended for the people of Athens, making ‘Whatever they worship as unknown, proclaimed to them.’ (Acts 14:15-17)

The Sermon in Areopagus where Paul spoke of ‘the unknown God,’ declared the greatness of the Lord to the people. And fast forward to the 20th century it is still the same call – to evangelize and reveal the Gospel, taking part in this movement to bring Christ to the sphere where people do not know him yet.

St. John Paul II the second emphasized the link of Modern Media being the New Areopagus:

The first Areopagus of modern times is the world of communications, which is capable of unifying humanity and transforming it into – as it is commonly referred to – “a global village” (JPII)

Modern media being the new Areopagus makes it a place where we need not be passive viewers but active and positive online presence, evangelizing through Catholic and rich content, with reliable information, delivered in innovative ways to make positive impact while engaging followers and viewers leading them to social action.

In this time of technological advancement, the number of internet users continues to grow. Billions of people around the world are actively tapping into cyberspace and along with this digital innovation comes the perfect time for Online Evangelization.

So as the call to evangelize online amplifies, we encourage everyone to innovate, participate and integrate for a greater online purpose, presence and mission.

Believing in the value and importance of online evangelization, the CSMA recognizes people of all ages, from all walks of life, who are making a positive impact in Cyberspace and thus becoming Agents of Good Change in Society. By monitoring all types of social media, we aim to acknowledge personalities, groups, ministries or advocates as they continue to stand for their Faith online.



This ‘Awards’ initiative is championed by YouthPinoy, a group of Online Missionaries who strives to Win the Word through the Word, and is a team passionate about Online Evangelization.

YouthPinoy in collaboration with Areopagus Communication Inc., which is under the auspices of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines Media Office aspire for a future where the Catholic Church maximizes the power of Social Media thus transforming the global village into an avenue filled with authentic encounters, effective communication, a source of hope, love and lasting life.